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English courses for communicative purposes

All our courses are taught in an intensive mode that allows the student to complete their course in a maximum period of 9 months. Our system focuses on daily contact with the language inside and outside the classroom, which leads to the student being exposed to the language with a frequency similar to what would be found in an English-speaking country. We put into practice a methodology that demands the active participation of the student in their learning process, for this we have unique material in which the language is put into use in real contexts and where our students listen to the English spoken by native speakers of the language and with all the nuances that it comprises. In addition to this, our professionals have the necessary and proven experience in the teaching of English as a foreign language. All this is supported by facilities equipped so that the student is comfortable and relaxed during their learning process.

Modalities: in person at our headquarters, customized in our headquarters, at home and in-company.

Hours: go to our headquarters.

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