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We are Piura International center for Learning English, an English language school located in Piura. For 7 years we have focused on teaching English to children from 6 years of age, as well as on young people and adults who wish to learn English for communicative, educational, commercial and / or business purposes.

How we work?

With our novel and exclusive system, we focus on the teaching of English framed in the four basic skills of the language such as: listening (listening), speaking (speaking), reading (reading) and writing (writing) combined with the learning of grammar) . For this, we have professionals trained academically and with proven experience at the level of teaching English as a foreign language, who will teach you the language in a unique and fun way making your learning an effective and meaningful experience without having to spend more than 9 months in an institute.

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What do you need to learn with us?

The only thing you need to learn with us is dedication, time and discipline, we require a student committed to their learning and willing to work hard to achieve the objectives. Our system is effective if you are a student willing to learn and comply with the activities assigned to them by our teaching professionals.


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